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Students sing outside Beulah AME Church Parsonage, Farmville, Va., August 1963
Students sing outside Beulah AME Church Parsonage, Farmville, Va., August 1963, in protest of the closing of Prince Edward County Schools. Woman singing at left is Ernestine Land. Tony Reid stands at right.

Program of the World Union of National Socialists [American Nazi Party handbill]
Two-sided handbill setting out the beliefs and purpose of the World Union of National Socialists. Signed by Lincoln Rockwell, Commander, American Nazi Party, this document states the organization's belief that Marxism is a religion promoted by the…

Reb-Time Records, No. 1862, Oldways Pub. Co
Reb-Time Records No. 1862 by Oldways Pub. Co.  This 45 RPM record contains music by "The Coon Hunters." One side is titled, "We Don't Want Niggers (In Our Schools)" and the other is "Nigger, Nigger."

Encampment for Citizenship brochure, 1958
Recruitment brochure for the Summer 1958 Encampment for Citizenship held in Berkeley, CA and New York City.

Encampment for Citizenship recruitment materials
Tri-fold brochure and poster advertising the Summer 1990 Encampment for Citizenship

Encampment for Citizenship brochure, 1964
Recruitment brochure for the Summer 1964 Encampment for Citizenship. The tear-off card refers to the 1933 pre-code movie "Design for Living" based on Noel Coward's play of the same name

Encampment for Citizenship: a pilot program in democratic education
Publication of the Encampment for Citizenship which sets forth the need and the goals for the program. No publication date given, but text indicates a quotation dated 1953.

What Rockwell Will Do As Governor [Rockwell for Governor Campaign leaflet]
Two-sided campaign leaflet for George Lincoln Rockwell's 1965 gubernatorial campaign. One side appears to originate from Rockwell's organization, the American Nazi Party, and includes an advertisement for Hatenanny Records.The reverse contains a…

The Stormtrooper Magazine [American Nazi Party publication]
From inside front cover: "The Stormtrooper magazine is the official news magazine of the American Nazi Party published quarterly...John Patler, Editor"Last two pages and back cover list "Nazi Literature and Other Items For Sale" that include…

Here Comes Whiteman [American Nazi Party comic book]
White supremacist comic book created for the American Nazi Party by member John Patler. Born John C. Patsalos, John Patler joined the American Nazi Party in 1960 and changed his name. The ANP had its headquarters in Arlington, Va. In 1967 Patler…

Boat Ticket to Africa [American Nazi Party promotional material]
Two-sided handbill in the form of a mock boat ticket on one side and, on the other, an advertisement for a product to turn white liberals into black. A coupon gives an address where one may send away for additional copies of this "ticket" and…

Hatenanny Records Advertisement [American Nazi Party handbill]
Single-sided, single page flyer advertising "Ship Those Niggers Back" a 45 RPM record released by the American Nazi Party. During the 1960s, George Lincoln Rockwell attempted to draw attention to the American Nazi Party (which he founded) by…

Hatenanny Records [American Nazi Party]
During the 1960s, George Lincoln Rockwell attempted to draw attention to the American Nazi Party (which he founded) by starting a small record label, named Hatenanny Records. The label released several 45 RPM singles, including recordings by a…

The Rockwell Report, November - December, 1966 [American Nazi Party]
Official monthly publication of the American Nazi Party, an organization founded by George Lincoln Rockwell in March 1959.Cover title for this issue, "The Real Nature of White Backlash." Slogan on cover: "White People! Unite &…

The Opinion of Those Who Ought to Know: What Representative Negroes Say of the Interracial Movement [pamphlet]
A compilation of quotations from prominent Southern African Americans on the Commission on Interracial Cooperation. Included are Robert Russa Moton, Mary McLeod Bethune, Dr. Isaac Fisher, Dr. Alfred Lawless and others.Founded in Atlanta in 1919, the…

Southern Opinion and Race Relations [pamphlet]
A collection of quotations from prominent Southern whites and blacks on the subject of race relations. Compiled by Robert Burns Eleazer, Education Director for the Commission on Interracial Cooperation (CIC).Founded in Atlanta in 1919, the CIC…

Southern White Women on Lynching and Mob Violence [pamphlet]
From front cover: "Excerpts from pronouncements of different Woman's State Committees on Race Relations"Statements from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia;…

Equal Suffrage League Float, Thrift Day Parade, March 23, 1918
Equal Suffrage League of Virginia float depicting the Barge of State with Victory at the prow. This photograph was taken at the Thrift Day Parade held the afternoon of Saturday, March 23, 1918 in Richmond, VA. According to newspaper reports, over…

This Little Book Contains Every Reason Why Women Should Not Vote
Small booklet consisting of blank pages.

Woman Citizen, December 27, 1924
Issue concerned with the Child Labor Amendment.Cover illustration identified as "Etching 'Felix' by Eileen A. Soper. Copyright, A.C. & H.W. Dickens--Courtesy Robertson Deschamps Galleries."

Woman Citizen, April 17, 1920
Article concerning the third publication in the Children's Bureau series on illegitimacy, "Illegitimacy as a Child Welfare Problem" (Bur. Pub. No. 66). Lists seven minimum standards for illegitimate children's welfare as adopted by the Children's…

Woman Citizen, April 20, 1918
Cover shows a ballot box with the caption "What Every Woman Voter Should Know."Cartoons by Charles H. "Doc" Winner. "Due for Another Puncture" p.409"WE can carry our share of the burden. Give US our share of the Government" p. 416Two-page spread…

Standards Recommended 1923 by the Committee on Uniform Laws concerning the Legal Status of Women
This pamphlet created by the National League of Women Voters addresses the standards recommended by the committee on uniform laws concerning the legal status of women in 1923. The National League of Women Voters provide analyses of women's former,…

Americans Do Not Practice What They Preach [1963 Farmville, Va. protests]
Protestor outside Safeway, Farmville Shopping Center, August 1963. Demonstrators carry signs opposing racial segregation, and encouraging shoppers to boycott businesses that support discriminatory practices.From VCU Libraries Freedom Now Project

Closed Schools Constitute Catastrophe!!! [1963 Farmville, Va. protests]
Demonstration in front of Prince Edward County Courthouse, Main Street, Farmville, Va., July 1963, protesting the four-year long closure of the public schools Clara Gibson is closest to camera. Third person in line is Sandra "Sandy" Stokes. Second…