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Neighborhood House Confirmation Program, 1932
Confirmation Services program from the Council Religious Schools, Richmond Section Council of Jewish Women; Sir Moses Montefiore Congregation.

Annual Report, Neighborhood House, Richmond, VA, 1916-1917
Selected pages from the 1916-1917 Annual Report of Neighborhood House, Richmond, VA. p.1 Listing of Chairman, Executive Committee, Directors, and Head Worker at Neighborhood House, 1916-1917.  p.2 "Activities at the Neighborhood House October,…

Neighborhood House Sabbath School Class, 1921
Photograph of children ages 8 - 9 in the Neighborhood House Sabbath School, Richmond, VA. Taken in 1921.In the early 1900’s, non-resident settlement houses were created throughout the country to assist with immigrant adjustment to America. In 1912,…

Neighborhood House Boy's Basketball Team, 1926 - 1927
Photograph of boy's basketball team from Neighborhood House, Richmond, VA. Nine young men and their coach are shown with a trophy and basketball on which is written "C.M.H" SR. Com. Champs 1926-27.In the early 1900’s, non-resident settlement houses…

Certificate of Confirmation for Beulah Bratman
Neighborhood House Certificate of Confirmation "This is to Ceritfy that Beulah Bratman was duly confirmed on the 27 day of May 5688, 1928 in the presence of Congregation Council of Jewish Women at Richmond, VA by the undersigned Kate T. Goldman,…