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Cold, hungry strikers, Passaic, New Jersey, 1926
Passaic strikers men, women, and children take a break from the cold to get a beverage. This event took place during the Passaic Textile Strike, 1926.Dated March 4, 1926.

Child strikers, Passaic Textile Strike, 1926
Children of Forstmann Huffman employees participate in strike. They hold signs reading "WE WANT MORE FOOD AND MORE CLOTHES" and "WE ARE STRIKERS CHILDREN WE NEED MORE FOOD" Image dated March 8, 1926.

Speech in Belmont Park, Garfield, New Jersey, 1926
Boys and girls in Belmont Park, Garfield, N.J. the day after police had dispersed their parade. Mrs H. Zeitkowsky is speaking. The girl sitting near the speaker is Miriam Silberfarb, leader with the striker children.This event took place during the…

Police resistance, Passaic Textile Strike, 1926
Martin Winkler of Garfield, New Jersey is arrested for resistance, after which he received a 10 day prison sentence.This event took place during the Passaic Textile Strike, 1926.

Labor meeting, Passaic Textile Strike, 1926
A woman holds a gas mask at a labor meeting.

Textile Strikers General Relief Store No. 3
People stand in the doorway of the Textile Strikers General Relief Store No. 3. This store was run by the International Workers Aid.

Textile Strikers General Relief Store No. 2, Passaic, New Jersey
Textile strikers with their children in front of them stand in the doorway of a General Relief store. This was one of the strike relief centers run by International Worker's Aid.

Marching through snow and sleet, Passaic, New Jersey, 1926
Strikers march through snow during the Passaic Textile Strike, 1926. One woman blows a horn. Two signs are partially visible:"A Mill-Worker's Sunday Socks. One Pair A Year...""Things That Cause StrikesEmpty Milk BottlesWe Want More Milk For…

Singing Solidarity Forever, Passaic County, 1926
Strikers raise their fists and sing as they march down a street during the Passaic Textile Strike, 1926.  One striker wears a military uniform. Photograph is marked for cropping. The I.W.W. song "Solidarity Forever" was sung to the tune of "John…

Police with clubs restrain female striker
Police with clubs restrain a female striker, Passaic County, New Jersey.

Drenching strikers with firehoses
Police use firehoses against a group of advancing textile strikers, Passaic County, New Jersey.

Striker in a gas mask, Passaic, New Jersey
A Passaic striker wears a gas mask for protection from the effects of tear gas. Police used tear gas, clubs, and firehoses to disperse crowds of strikers.

Gus Deak, future president of the United Textile Worker's Local 1603, is in the left…

National Silk Dye Workers on strike
Silk dye workers just before arrest. Nancy Sandowsky at center.

Room combining washroom and kitchen
A small room containing a toilet, stove, and washbasin. Photograph taken in Passaic County, New Jersey.

Textile worker and her children
A textile worker stands beside her three children who are seated. Various cooking implements, a wash basin and wash board are visible.

Family meal, Passaic, New Jersey
Four children and a woman share a meal

Strikers March, Passaic Textile Strike, 1926
Strikers march down a public street during the 1926 Passaic textile strike. A group of strikers in front of the march wear World War I brodie helmets (doughboy helmets) and carry an American flag. A small boy runs along beside them.  This work…
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