Virginia Warns Her People Against Suffrage [broadside]


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Virginia Warns Her People Against Suffrage [broadside]


Reprint of an editorial from the Richmond Evening Journal, May 4, 1915.

"Virginia Warns Her People Against Suffrage
Twenty-nine counties would go under Negro Rule Over sixty counties in the State of Georgia
The entire State of Mississippi
What of your state, your country? Isn't it about time for reflecting men and women to think--and act?
From the Richmond Evening Journal May 4, 1915--Republished by Request

Several times The Richmond Evening Journal has be asked to say which counties of Virginia have more colored than white female inhabitants. The question , of course, is in connection with the somewhat noisy demands we read of in the newspapers for "votes for women." Here is the list, from the United States census of 1910:

...It is to be remembered that the literacy test would not work in choking off the colored woman vote. The colored people are decreasing their percentage of illiteracy very fast, especially among their women and girls. The ladies of the suffrage league will hardly come forward with a property test. No safeguard would be left but the poll tax; and if colored women knew they could get votes and rule some very rich and important counties by paying $1.50 apiece, we are inclined to think most of them would be willing to go hungry, if necessary to do it.   

Probably the ladies engaged in this suffrage movement are not very practical or very logical or very well informed or disposed to bother their heads with the actual facts of politics. Most of them, we surmise, hold the somewhat vague, but firmly established feminine line of reasoning that when they want something , or think they want it, they ought to have it by all principles of wisdom and justice; and are prepared always to fall back on the traditional conclusive feminine argument "because."


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