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Students sing outside Beulah AME Church Parsonage Aug 1963 rsz.jpg
Students sing outside Beulah AME Church Parsonage, Farmville, Va., August 1963, in protest of the closing of Prince Edward County Schools. Woman singing at left is Ernestine Land. Tony Reid stands at right.

VCU_M296 Box 2 Voter Registration students 1959 rsz.jpg
Photograph of students from Luther Judson Price High School of Atlanta, Ga., prepare to register to vote. Caption attached to photograph: "18 year old high school students of Atlanta, Georgia as they embark by bus to register in the 1959 Voter…

VMHC_K 49 V75E8 Every Man His Own Law cover rsz.jpg
This booklet was distributed by the Virginia Commission on Constitutional Government (VCCG) . Led by David J. Mays, a prominent lawyer and advisor to Virginia’s commission on the response to the Brown v. Board of Education decision, it advocated…
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