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M 9 b 242 Equal Suffrage League Febrary 1915 adj rsz.jpg
Equal Suffrage League of Richmond, Va. in front of Washington Monument, Capitol Square, Richmond. The members of the ESL were promoting the suffrage film, "Your Girl and Mine." Photo published in The Times-Dispatch: Richmond, Va., February 28, 1915,…

VCU_Interracial News Service v9 n2 Feb 1938 p1 rsz.jpg
A news digest published by the Department of Race Relations, Federal Council of Churches, New York, NY. The Federal Council of Churches was an ecumenical association of Protestant denominations in the United States founded in Philadelphia in 1908. It…

VCU_M 9 Box 35 Va Denominational Conf on Race Relations Oct 28 1930 rsz.jpg
Alternate name: Virginia Church Conference on Race Relations. A meeting of white religious leaders convened to discuss how churches might take a leadership role in race relations. See all documents related to this event.
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