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M9 Box 229 Womans Journal and Suffrage News Oct 23 1915 Blanche Ames cartoon rsz.jpg
Political cartoon by Blanche Ames Ames from Woman's Journal and Suffrage News, Vol. 46, No. 43, October 23, 1915. Image Description: A woman sits with her three children in a domestic scene. She is surrounded by symbols of her hard work and virtue.

VCU_M 9 Box 81 fInterracial Commission Federal Council Bulletin Sept Oct 1926 p7 rsz.jpg
Pages 7-8 (front and back) removed from Federal Council Bulletin, September-October, 1926. The article, "Church Women Explore Interracial Paths," details an interracial conference held on September 21-22, 1926 at Eagles Mere, Pa.The conference was…

M9 Box 229 Womans Journal and Suffrage News Oct 23 1915_Fredrikke S Palmer cartoon rsz.jpg
Political cartoon against the rejection of a bill to limit the number of hours per week women were legally permitted to work in canneries in the state of New York. Cartoon by Fredrikke S. Palmer shows Greed who has tied a heavy burden to a fallen…
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