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Union PSem_Flyer March on Washington005 rsz.jpg
The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom took place on 28 August 1963. An estimated 250,000 people attended the massive, peaceful rally, while many more watched the dramatic events live on television.This flyer reads:"An Appeal to You fromMathew…

UMW_James Farmer image1608 cEdward Hollander_CORE rsz.jpg
Group of men, including James Farmer, during his second attempt to march to Montgomery, Alabama from Selma, Alabama. From left to right: Fred Shuttlesworth, Martin Luther King Jr., James Farmer, and James Forman. In the foreground: Andrew Young.

UMW_James L Farmer_Image36.jpg
James Farmer, founder of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). Sign behind him reads, “END SEGREGATION ACROSS THE NATION."
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