[Letter to Members of the National Woman's Party from Alice Paul]


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[Letter to Members of the National Woman's Party from Alice Paul]


This letter from Alice Paul, National Chairman of the National Woman's Party, to members of the National Woman's Party acts as an invitation to the Woman's Party's final convention to be held in Washington, D.C., February 15 - 19, 1921. During this convention it was to be decided whether the Woman's Party "shall go out of existence or take up a new program." Furthermore, this letter requests that members donate $5 towards the cost of the convention and "so that [the Woman's Party] may go out of existence or turn to some new work, with banners flying and head aloft..."

"When we sent out our first appeal for funds in 1913 the task before us - that of changing the United States constitution so that women might vote everywhere in this country - seemed a task that held little hope of accomplishment for years to come. Now that it is accomplished, all who contributed, whether in personal service or in money, must feel that their help was not given in vain."


Paul, Alice


M 9 Box 103, Adèle Goodman Clark papers, 1849-1978, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


1921 January 27


Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


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