Children learning about corn, Josephine Newbury Demonstration Kindergarten, Richmond, Va.


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Children learning about corn, Josephine Newbury Demonstration Kindergarten, Richmond, Va.


Josephine Newbury teaching children about corn and other plants at the Josephine Newbury Demonstration Kindergarten, Richmond, Va. 

Before the Newbury Center opened in 1957, there was no education available in a school setting in Richmond or the surrounding counties for children younger than five. Preschool itself was an innovative concept then. This new purpose-built facility was created to become a model preschool for the training of teachers and the design of innovative curriculum. Professor Josephine Newbury of the Presbyterian School of Christian Education, Richmond, Va., established the school.

The professional images in this collection are the work of the Dementi Studios, one of Richmond's foremost portrait and documentary photographers. The series was made shortly after the Demonstration Kindergarten opened in 1957. They present an idealized image of childhood experience, social expectations, and gender roles, as well as the educational philosophy and methods of the time.


Dementi Studios, Richmond, Va.


Josephine Newbury Demonstration Kindergarten CollectionSpecial Collections, William Smith Morton Library, Union Presbyterian Seminary




Union Presbyterian Seminary Library


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