Richmond Male Orphan Society, Richmond, Va.


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Richmond Male Orphan Society, Richmond, Va.


Boys standing outside the Richmond Male Orphan Society at Amelia and Meadow Streets, Richmond, Va. 

The Richmond Male Orphan Society began in 1846 when the director of the Female Humane Association was approached by a homeless boy begging for coins. Recognizing the city’s need for a boy’s home, concerned residents formed the Richmond Male Orphan Society in Church Hill. It made various moves and is now located in western Henrico County.

The organization’s name has evolved over time to the Richmond Home for Boys and then the Virginia Home for Boys. When it began to house girls in 2004, it was renamed the Virginia Home for Boys and Girls. Among its services are foster care, alternative education, independent living services and psychiatric and medical care.  


Cook, Huestis P., likely


Cook Collection, The Valentine


c. 1890


The Valentine


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