Gifts to the United Nations!


Batman no 104 December 1956 Gifts to the United Nations rsz.jpg
Batman no 104 December 1956 rsz.jpg


Gifts to the United Nations!


Comic description: The comic opens with this text: "Along the East River in New York City stretches six blocks of international territory-- the headquarters of the United Nations. Here 76 member nations work together for world peace". The comic goes on to show and describe a few of the gifts that member nations have give to the UN. These gifts include a bell from Japan cast from the coins of 60 nations, a woven red curtain from Sweden, a bronze equestrian statue from Yugoslavia, and a central fountain from the United States. At the entrance of the General Assembly building are all the flags of the 76 member nations.

[Image description: The cover of the comic book shows Batman and Robin swimming underwater wearing flippers and masks attached to oxygen tanks. Towering above them is a huge purple sea monster with green fins and red eyes.]

Public service comic published as a part of the National Social Welfare Assembly Comics Project. The Comics Project lasted from August 1949 - July 1967 and produced over 200 pages promoting citizenship and social values. 

Publisher's Note: "Published as a public service in cooperation with The National Social Welfare Assembly, coordinating organization for national health, welfare and recreation agencies of the U.S."


Pencils: Ruben Moreira
Inks: Ruben Moreira
Letters: Ira Schnapp


Batman: The man Who Knew Batman's Secret no.104 DEC 1956 James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


DC Comics


1956 December


Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


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