I've had my chest x-ray [pinback button]


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I've had my chest x-ray [pinback button]


"I've Had My Chest X-Ray" button with red double-bar cross that was the emblem of the National Tuberculosis Association anti-TB crusade. 

People can be exposed to tuberculosis bacteria and become infected. Some who are infected go on to develop active TB disease; those who do not are said to have latent infection.
Latent infection can be found through a skin test or a blood test; however, a chest x-ray and laboratory testing of a mucus sample are needed to determine if someone has active TB disease.

In 1946, the Richmond Health Department worked with medical and civic organizations to launch the city’s first chest x-ray campaign.


L. J. Imber Co.


V.83.158.20, The Valentine


The Valentine


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