Jewish Children’s Home Tell-A-Vision


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Jewish Children’s Home Tell-A-Vision


Details from a brochure, Jewish Children’s Home Tell-A-Vision, highlighting the founding of the Isidore Newman School for the children of the Jewish Children’s Home and of New Orleans. 

In the 1840s and 1850s a series of yellow fever epidemics in New Orleans brought forth a need for homes for destitute widows and children. During this period, private and religious groups established a number of orphanages and asylums.

In 1855 the Jewish community of New Orleans organized the “Jewish Orphans’ Home,” as a part of the Hebrew Benevolent Society, and on March 14, 1855, the state granted a charter to the institution. The original Home was on Chippewah Street, but in 1887 it moved to a new building at 5342 St. Charles Avenue.

The name of the organization has changed several times: from April 6, 1880 to February 28, 1905, it was “The Association for the Relief of Jewish Widows & Orphans,” from February 28, 1905, to February 4, 1924, “The Association for the Relief of Jewish Widows & Orphans of New Orleans,” and after February 4, 1924, the “Jewish Children’s Home.” While the legal name remains the Jewish Children’s Home, the organization has operated as the Jewish Children’s Home Service since April 1958.


Jewish Children's Home records, 1870-1981, Collection 180, Box 35, Folder 3, Louisiana Research Collection, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University




Louisiana Research Collection, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University


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