Save Yourself From Influenza...[public health graphic]


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Save Yourself From Influenza...[public health graphic]


Public health information graphic furnished by The Virginia State Board of Health. Illustrations by Carl J. Rostrup of Richmond, Va.


"SAVE YOURSELF from INFLUENZA and pneumonia, bad colds, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheriam scarlet fever, whooping cough, meningitis, mumps


RULE 1: Whenever you cough or sneeza, bow your head or put a handkerchief over your mouth and nose.

Rule 2: Don't put in your mouth fingers, pencils, or anything else that does not belong there, nor use a common drinking cup.

The Germs of these Diseases are spread through the secetions of the mouth and nose of sick people and carriers.

Furnished by The Virginia State Board of Health
PLEASE POST: Council of National Defense, C.R. Keiley, Federal Field Secretary"

[Image description: Next to the word 'SAFETY' is a drawing of a person coughing into a handkerchief and the text "use handkerchief when you cough or sneeze". Another drawing shows a person sneezng with his head bent down and his respiratory particles going towards the ground. Under this image is the text: "or bend your head toward the ground". Another series of drawings are under the word 'DANGER'. A drawing of someone biting a pencil and a drawing of someone biting their nails are on either side of text that says, "DON'T put pencils or fingers in your mouth". Two more drawings show a person drinking out of a pot and another sneezing with an open mouth spraying respratory particles outward and onto the person drinking. These are follwed with the text "DON'T use common drinking cup or cough or sneeze into the air towards others".]


Virginia State Board of Health


Annual Report of the State Board of Health and the State Health Commissioner to the Governor of Virginia for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 1919.

Bound with corresponding years of the Virginia Health Bulletin, Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences, VCU Libraries




Health Sciences Library, VCU Libraries


This item is in the public domain. Acknowledgement of the Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries as a source is requested.


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