I support voting districts for Virginians, not politicians. [tote bag]


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I support voting districts for Virginians, not politicians. [tote bag]


Blue tote bag with white lettering reading "I support Voting districts for Virginians, not politicians." The OneVirginia2021 logo appears in the center with the words "For Fair Redistricting. OneVirginia2021.org" 

OneVirginia2021 is an American civic non-profit organization founded to advocate for a non-partisan redistricting of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Formed in 2014, OneVirginia2021 is made up of people from across the political spectrum, including Republicans, Democrats, and TEA party members.

Gerrymandering is the practice of setting the boundaries of electoral districts to favor specific political interests. The redrawing of district lines takes place after each new U. S. Census to ensure that the "one person one vote" requirement is met.

Partisan gerrymandering works to increase the power of a political party. Racial gerrymandering weakens representation, and therefore the political power, of minority voters.




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