Popular Fallacies About Race Relations


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Popular Fallacies About Race Relations


A pamphlet addressing resistance from white Americans to racial integration. Written by the Educational Director of the Commission on Interracial Cooperation. 

The writer, Robert B. Eleazer, refutes the "Curse of Ham" as a justification for slavery or servitude. 
He also argues against popular fallacies such as "the Negro is all right in his place;" "no genuine Negro ever showed real intelligence or abillity;" "the Negro has no worthy part in American history;" "Negroes want to break down the social line between the races;" and the idea of racial superiority. 

"Nobody knows which is the superior race--or whether there be one. All we can say is that we differ in physical characteristics and in degree and kind of development....It behooves us all to be humble; to remember that we are all human beings, with mutual obligations of respect and good will."


Eleazer, Robert B.


Race Relations Pamphlets, Special Collections, William Smith Morton Library, Union Presbyterian Seminary


Commission on Interracial Cooperation


Union Presbyterian Seminary Library


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