Exchange for Woman's Work. Fourth Annual Report, 1887. [exceprt]


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Exchange for Woman's Work. Fourth Annual Report, 1887. [exceprt]


Report by Mrs. W. T. Richardson, recording secretary for the Exchange for Woman's Work. This excerpt (pp. 9 - 14) is taken from the Fourth Annual Report of the Exchange, 1887. 

Text (excerpt)

Annual Report.

The Richmond Exchange for Woman’s Work has now completed its fourth year.

During the past twelve months, 5,279 articles have been place on sale, representing the handiwork of 400 women, 3,790 of these consignments were sold, realizing the sum of $3,375, which amount, less the commission of ten per cent, was paid to the consignors.

Every article deposited for sale, however simple, must be the best of its kind. To reach and adhere to this standard is the persistent aim of the Board of Managers. They are gratified to observe a steady advance in the character and variety of the work offered. The Exchange is thus proving a school
p.10 for the education of workers—developing the artistic instinct, correcting defects of design and execution, etc., --while it fosters a spirit of industry, energy and independence, and affords to all, even the aged and the invalid, an opportunity to turn to pecuniary advantage whatever talent they possess, however homely it may be….

We enter upon our fifth year with courage and hope—in any event, resting upon the promise that our work shall be accepted according to what we have, and not according to what we have not.

Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. W. T. Richardson, Recording Secretary.


Richardson, W. T. (Mrs.)


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