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Valentine_Salvation Army Friends League button_V_65_188_46.jpg
Pinback button In 1885, Methodist minister William Booth established the Christian Mission Center in East London for the city’s poor and homeless.  Booth changed the name to The Salvation Army in 1878, using military terms to organize the…

Valentine_United Way lapel button_V_83_158_273.jpg
Metal lapel badge for the United Way

Valentine_YWCA button_1916_V_36_37_66.jpg
Pinback button The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) first met in New York City in 1858. While based in Christianity, the YWCA was more focused on social issues, initially affordable housing for working women. It later was active in the…

Valentine_Community Fund button_V_83_158_12.jpg
Pinback button In 1924, the Richmond Area Community Council created the Community Fund, later known as the Richmond Area Community Chest. This trust centralized fundraising and fund distribution to the Council’s more than thirty member…
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