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The Social Welfare History Image Portal brings together photographs, pamphlets, artifacts and documents chronicling the history of the nation's response to human need. This history includes the work of volunteer organizations, reform movements, social workers, and government legislation and systems.

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Society for the Entertainment of Shut-ins, 1908 [annual report]

Simmons_SESI_1908_ cover 001 rsz.jpg

The Society for the Entertainment of Shut-Ins(SESI) was founded in 1901 by the Rev. George W. Shinn, D. D. in Boston, Massachusetts. Shinn was the…

Natural Beauty -- Everybody's Fight

VCU_Blackhawk No 222 July 1966 NSWA psa rsz.jpg

"Natural Beauty -- Everybody's Fight" illustrates quotations and paraphrases from President Lyndon B. Johnson's "Remarks to the Delegates to the White…

Third Liberty Loan [pinback button]

VCU M9 B233 Third Liberty loan pinback buttons rsz.jpg

Pinback button created by the Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newwark, N.J. Liberty loans (or Liberty Bonds) were war bonds sold in the United States in…