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The Social Welfare History Image Portal brings together photographs, pamphlets, artifacts and documents chronicling the history of the nation's response to human need. This history includes the work of volunteer organizations, reform movements, social workers, and government legislation and systems.

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Popular Fallacies About Race Relations

UPSem_Popular Fallacies About Race Relations058 cover rsz.jpg

A pamphlet addressing resistance from white Americans to racial integration. Written by the Educational Director of the Commission on Interracial…

[Working Woman. Fred O. Seibel editorial cartoon, 1922]

VCU_M 23 Box 3 Seibel Working Woman Cartoon no 1503 date 1922 crop rsz.jpg

Editorial cartoon created by Fred O. Seibel in 1922, and published in The Knickerbocker Press. Mounted and identified as no. 1503.Image Description: A…

Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story

Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story 1958 crop rsz.jpg

Educational comic book published by the Fellowship of Reconciliationfollowing the success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The comic book advocates for…