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The Social Welfare History Image Portal brings together photographs, pamphlets, artifacts and documents chronicling the history of the nation's response to human need. This history includes the work of volunteer organizations, reform movements, social workers, and government legislation and systems.

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Lorena Weeks with typewriter

Tulane Univ_Lorena Weeks with typewriter.jpg

Lorena Weeks had worked as a Southern Bell telephone operator for many years when she was denied a higher paying position as a company switchman on…

National League of Women Voters convention badges

M9 Box 230 National League of Women Voter Convention badges rsz.jpg

Convention badges for the National League of Women Voters Annual conventions. Fifth Annual Convention, April 24 - 29, 1924, Buffalo, NY Eighth Annual…

Members of the Virginia League of Women Voters, January 1923, Alexandria, Va.

VCU_M 9 Box 242 LWV Convention Alexandria 1923 rsz.jpg

Members of the Virginia League of Women Voters meeting in Alexandria, Virginia on February 3, 1923.Identification from back of photoLeft to right:Mrs.…