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The Social Welfare History Image Portal brings together photographs, pamphlets, artifacts and documents chronicling the history of the nation's response to human need. This history includes the work of volunteer organizations, reform movements, social workers, and government legislation and systems.

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Natural Beauty -- Everybody's Fight

VCU_Blackhawk No 222 July 1966 NSWA psa rsz.jpg

"Natural Beauty -- Everybody's Fight" illustrates quotations and paraphrases from President Lyndon B. Johnson's "Remarks to the Delegates to the White…

Better Babies [suffrage pamphlet]

M9 Box 49 Better Babies p1 rsz.jpg

National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) pamphlet on how woman suffrage improves children's health. Cover editorial cartoon by Rose O'Neill.…

Father Forgive them for they know not what they do / Educate Don't Segregate [1963 Farmville, Va. protests]

VCU_Rev Goodwin Douglas Clara Gibson Main St Farmville July 1963 rsz.jpg

Protesters in front of Prince Edward County Courthouse, Main St., Farmville, Va., July 1963.The Rev. Goodwin Douglas, pastor of Beulah AME, with…