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VCU_M 304 b3 Jean Hellmuth papers_Muriel  Smiths ERA office_Shoulder to Shoulder rsz.jpg
Music and lyrics taken from "The March of Women" composed by Ethel Smyth in 1910, to words by Cicely Hamilton. This copy was posted on the bulletin board of Muriel Smith's ERA office in Virginia.  "The March of the Women" became the official anthem…

VCU_M 425 B13 f12 Eliz Smith_Shoulder to Shoulder March for ERA Raleigh NC rsz.jpg
Handbill advertising a march in support of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The rally was held on Saturday, May 2, 1981 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment was 1982; however, Congress has the power…
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