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VCU_M391b6_Work Camp for Democracy trifold cover rsz.jpg
Trifold brochure advertising the Work Camp for Democracy, August 7 to September 4, 1939, West Park, New York. The Executive Committee was chaired by Algernon D. Black who, with Alice K. Politzer, would found the Encampment for Citizenship in…

VCU_ Encampment for Citizenship brochure, 1958_1.jpg
Recruitment brochure for the Summer 1958 Encampment for Citizenship held in Berkeley, CA and New York City.

VCU_Encampment for Citizenship recruitment materials_1.jpg
Tri-fold brochure and poster advertising the Summer 1990 Encampment for Citizenship

VCU_Encampment for Citizenship brochure, 1964_1.jpg
Recruitment brochure for the Summer 1964 Encampment for Citizenship. The tear-off card refers to the 1933 pre-code movie "Design for Living" based on Noel Coward's play of the same name

VCU_ Encampment for Citizenship_1.jpg
Publication of the Encampment for Citizenship which sets forth the need and the goals for the program. No publication date given, but text indicates a quotation dated 1953.
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