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VCU_NC 1300_C37  v3 n4 p238 Partners WK Starrett Knickerbocker rsz.jpg
Editorial cartoon by William Kemp Starrett published in The Knickerbocker Press. Image Description: An anthropomorphized can of Impure Milk shakes hand with a grinning undertaker and says, "Hello, Old Man! How's business?" Beneath the cartoon is the…

VCU_NC 1300_C37  v3 n4 p238 Food Adulterator Ding Darling NY Globe.jpg
Editorial cartoon by Jay Norwood "Ding" Darling published in the New York Globe. Image Description: A wealthy businessman sits counting his money among the gravestones of children who died from the impure, tainted food that he sold.

VCU_M9 B49 NAWSA Handbills Rose ONeill Dont You Want to Reduce the High Cost of Living p1 rsz.jpg
Publication of the National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company, Inc. 171 Madison Avenue, New York City.  Cover illustration by Rose O'Neill. This pamphlet tells women that, without the vote, all they can do is manage their own households. With the…
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