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Valentine_Committee on Relief of the Poor_V_48_100_19 rsz.jpg
Richmond’s Committee for the Relief of the Poor managed white and black almshouses, a soup kitchen, a hospital and other health and social services. Construction of a new white almshouse on Hospital Street finished in 1860. During the Civil War, the…

American Labor Mus_Striker General Relief No 2 rsz.jpg
Textile strikers with their children in front of them stand in the doorway of a General Relief store. This was one of the strike relief centers run by International Worker's Aid.

American Labor Mus_Strikers relief store no 3 rsz.jpg
People stand in the doorway of the Textile Strikers General Relief Store No. 3. This store was run by the International Workers Aid.

American Labor Mus_Child strikers Passaic 1926 rsz.jpg
Children of Forstmann Huffman employees participate in strike. They hold signs reading "WE WANT MORE FOOD AND MORE CLOTHES" and "WE ARE STRIKERS CHILDREN WE NEED MORE FOOD" Image dated March 8, 1926.

American Labor Mus_Cold hungry strikers Passaic 1926.jpg
Passaic strikers men, women, and children take a break from the cold to get a beverage. This event took place during the Passaic Textile Strike, 1926.Dated March 4, 1926.

Austin Sem_Southern Frontier v1 n3 1940 p1 rsz.jpg
Published by Commission on Interracial Cooperation (CIC), The Southern Frontier was a monthly newsletter, first issued in January, 1940. Aiming to share the stories overlooked by traditional newspapers, the newsletter published stories of social…

Brandeis_Save Food and Defeat Frightfulness_ww1.51 rsz.jpg
World War I poster created by Herbert Paus for the United States Food Administration.A nurse, a mother with her infant, a wounded soldier and other sick and needy people are shown tied to an Iron Cross.They point to a quotation from John Greenleaf…

Brandeis_Hunger_ww1.33 rsz.jpg
World War I poster created by Henry Patrick Raleigh for the United States Food Administration.A starving mother nurses an infant as two other emaciated children huddle nearby. Text reads: "Hunger. For three years America has fought starvation in…

VCU_M 23 Box 3 Cartoon no 1312 Fall In_Bonus Mess Tent veterans.jpg
Editorial cartoon by Fred O. Seibel for The Knickerbocker Press. Mounted and identified as no. 1312.The cartoon relates to the War Adjusted Compensation Act (Bonus Act) of May 19, 1924. This act granted a benefit (bonus) to veterans of military…
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