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VCU_TML_Influenza placard 1919.jpg
Public health information graphic furnished by The Virginia State Board of Health. Illustrations by Carl J. Rostrup of Richmond, Va."PLEASE POST: Council of National Defense, C.R. Keiley, Federal Field Secretary"

Valentine Influenza Virus Vaccine_WHClark_I_V_85_37_2477 rsz.jpg
After the influenza virus was finally identified in 1933, researchers immediately started to develop a vaccine. The first flu vaccine was approved for U.S. military use in 1945 and for civilian use in 1946. Unfortunately, the flu has several types,…

Influenza Virginia Health Bulletin2.jpg
A public health graphic created to educate the public about avoiding the spread of disease. Published in the Virginia Health Bulletin in 1918 during the Spanish flu pandemic.
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