Chores of Modern Health Crusaders


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Chores of Modern Health Crusaders


Poster depicting the eleven Chores of Modern Health Crusaders. These eleven health chores set out the essentials of tuberculosis prevention and general hygiene. They were part of a public health campaign devised by Charles De Forest of the National Tuberculosis Association.

The chores include:

1. I washed my hands before each meal to-day.
2. I washed ot only my face but my ears and neck and I cleaned my fingernails to-day.
3. I kept fingers, pencils and everything likely to be unclean or injurious out of my mouth and nose to-today.
4. I brushed my teeth thoroughly after breakfast, and after the evening mean to-day.
5. I took ten or more slow deep breaths of fresh air today. I was careful to protect others if I spit, coughed or sneezed.
6. I played outdoors or with windows open more than thirty minutes to-day.
7. I was in bed ten hours or more last night and kept my windows open.
8. I drank four glasses of water, including a drink before each meal, and drank no tea, coffee, nor other injurious drinks to-day.
9. I tried to eat only wholesome food and to eat slowly. I went to toilet at my regular times.
10. I tried hard to-day to sit up and stand up straight; to keep neat, cheerful and clean-minded; and to be helpful to others.
11. I took a full bath on each of the days of the week that are checked (x).



1919 September 24


Social Welfare History Archives, University of Minnesota Libraries


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