Tips on Camping!


Adventure Comics 212 May 1955 Camping rsz.jpg
Adventure Comics 212 May 1955 rsz.jpg


Tips on Camping!


Binky gives "Tips on Camping!"

Comic description: Binky gives Allergy camping tip including: how to behave out-of-doors, how to take care of a camping knife, how to build a fire, and how to dress properly. Binky says, "Knowing the proper skills and the proper saftey measures will make your camping trip a happy one". 

[Image description: Comic book cover shows Superboy's twin throwing a wrecking ball at a brick wall. Two men watch him and one says, "The wrecking machine is out or order -- so Supserboy is smashing that wall down, instead! Amazing, isn't it?". The real Superboy watches the robot Superboy with astonishment and thinks, "It certainly is amazing, Especially to me!"]

Public service comic published as a part of the National Social Welfare Assembly Comics Project. The Comics Project lasted from August 1949 - July 1967 and produced over 200 pages promoting citizenship and social values.

Publisher's Note: "Published as a public service in cooperation with The National Social Welfare Assembly, coordinating organization for national health, welfare and recreation agencies of the U.S."


Script: Jack Schiff
Pencils: Win Mortimer
Inks: Win Mortimer


Adventure Comics: Superboy no.212 MAY 1955 James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


DC Comics


1955 May


Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


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Script: Jack Schiff Pencils: Win Mortimer Inks: Win Mortimer, “Tips on Camping!,” Social Welfare History Image Portal, accessed May 29, 2024,