Occasional Newsletter #1 (To State Committee Members in this Area)


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Occasional Newsletter #1 (To State Committee Members in this Area)


A newsletter of the Commission for Interracial Cooperation addressed to the Virginia State Committee members in the area of Richmond, Va. 


p.1 The one thing important is for the leaders of both races to be close enough to each other to know the needs, and, as far as possible, the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of each race toward the other. I see nothing constructive in saying "We have the best Negroes (or white folks) in the world" unless that is based upon first-hand knowledge of the actual conditions; surface impressions may not be trustworthy. 

I could recite number of illustrations where trusted leaders of both races are patiently, quietly and courageously facing these situations where there may be injustice and discrimination and are trying to change the attitude out of which unsatisfactory conditions grow, thus producing a by-product of understanding and mutual trust upon which all permanent adjustments must rest.

p.2 Have there been any lynchings in your section or in your state thus far in 1928? If so give particulars.

During the past few years, the Commission, among many other constructive services, has conducted a vigorous campaign agaist the practice of lynching, all too prevalent in most American states. During three of the past four years, the number of lynchings has reached the low annual mark of 16, against a former forty-year average of more than 100. Certainly the Commission would not lay claim to all the credit for this progress; many factors have contributed, not the least of which is the press, which has created a more enlightened public opinion.


Reynolds, L. R.


M 9 Box 35, Adèle Goodman Clark papers, 1849-1978, Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries





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