Anti Suffrage Bill. By Woman, was Eden lost, and man cursed [anti-suffrage handbill]


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Anti Suffrage Bill. By Woman, was Eden lost, and man cursed [anti-suffrage handbill]


An emotional appeal from H. P. Petersen against "Woman Suffrage, that Godforsaken Evil."

By Woman, was Eden lost, and man cursed.

If you trust her, give up all hope of heaven. She cannot love, because she is too selfish. She may have a fancy, but that is flattery. Her smiles are deceit. Her vows are traced iin sand. She is a thread of candor, with a web of wiles.

Her Charity is Hypocrisy.

She is deception every way, hair, teeth, complexion, heart tongue and all. Regarding matrimony, I would not have a Suffragist in my presence, for all the world. It is the duty of the U..S. Government to drive that stubborn woman home, and compel her to take care of the home and the children, where she belongs.

Down with Woman Suffrage, that Godforsaken Evil.

Any feminine entering politics, filling offices, running street-cars and automobiles, loses her motherhood. Any man who does ot defy the Evil is babylike. Woman Suffrage is a crime against the Bible and against Nature. Any feminine, who does not take care of the home, but otherwise enters politics, belongs to jail.

The majority of men worship women as their God.

I am not going that crazy yet. I worship God in Heaven as my God. It is an unnatural idea, to have that female image on the coin. Nature has placed man to be the head of the woman in everything and run governmental affairs. What a childish idea to let woman run mans affairs.

The Bible demands that a woman must be in submission to man. 

Turn to the Bible and read the following verses and be convinced:
I Tim. 2: 9-15.    Ephe. 5: 22-25.    Gen. 3: 16.
I Cor. 14: 34.    I Cor. 11:3-16.   I Peter 3: 1-6.

H. P. Petersen. 


Petersen, H. P.


M 9 Box 51, Adèle Goodman Clark papers, 1849-1978, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


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