Discovery Set: Annotating Suffrage

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The suffrage and anti-suffrage handbills in this Discovery Set were distributed at a time when many Americans were discussing whether women should be able to vote. The language they use is urgent, appealing to both reason and emotion. Some of it may sound familiar.

In recognition of the upcoming centennial of woman suffrage, the Social Welfare History Image Portal is creating a virtual discussion space related to these historic materials, so we can read and engage with these ideas again.  

You're invited to participate.

Using the online affordance, we're asking you to annotate PDFs of suffrage and anti-suffrage handbills on the Image Portal. To get started: 

  • Create an account

  • Download the Chrome browser extension

  • Click on the "ANNOTATE" link under one of the handbills below

  • Activate the browser extension by clicking on the small, grey square at the upper right of your window. 

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  • To view the annotations already in place, open up the sidebar on the right side of your browser. 

  • To make your own annotation, select a word or phrase, and a text box will appear for your annotation

  • Tag your annotation

  • Here's a Quick Start Guide 


Read. Study. Annotate.

You can join in the public discussion, or create your own private groups and invite friends, colleagues or students to share in a close reading. Record your insights, ask questions, reply to other annotators, or make connections to other documents. 

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to interact with primary sources in way that may be new to you. If you're an educator who'd like to use these or other Image Portal documents with your classes, please write to let us know.

For further reading and annotating:  

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Discovery Set: Annotating Suffrage