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U Minnesota_SWHA_Kellogg Sw0084 B22 F197 Here in Massachusetts p1 rsz.jpg
Here in Massachusetts: A fund raising pamphlet issued by the Massachusetts Child Labor Committee to promote regulation of working conditions and employment for children. The pamphlet cites statistics on child labor and industrial accidents and argues…

Simmons_Dorothea Dix_Memorial_001 rsz.jpg
Dorothea Dix’s 1843 speech petitioning the Massachusetts Legislature for funds to improve the living condition of people with mental illnesses at Worchester Hospital. Her speech includes detailed descriptions of conditions in state and privately…

Simmons_ Massachusetts Soc for Suppressing Intemperance_001 rsz.jpg
Abiel Abbot, pastor of the First Church in Beverly, addresses the Massachusetts Society for Suppressing Intemperance at their third anniversary meeting.

M 86 Box 1 State Program for Education for Citizenship MA p1 rsz.jpg
This pamphlet written by Martha E. D. White, Civic Director, Massachusetts League of Women Voters, is a program of events about citizenship and calls on women to become more actively engaged in the Education for Citizenship. As described by White,…
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