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M9 Box 230 Adele Clark_Errand Boys Child labor street permit crop rsz2.jpg
Child labor street permit. This pinback button for an errand boy was issued in 1929. Variant state seal with armored Virtus and mountains in the distance.

M9 Box 230 National League of Women Voter Convention badges rsz.jpg
Convention badges for the National League of Women Voters Annual conventions. Fifth Annual Convention, April 24 - 29, 1924, Buffalo, NY Eighth Annual Convention, April 23 - 28 1928, Chicago, IL

Valentine_Community Fund button_V_83_158_12.jpg
Pinback button In 1924, the Richmond Area Community Council created the Community Fund, later known as the Richmond Area Community Chest. This trust centralized fundraising and fund distribution to the Council’s more than thirty member organizations.

Valentine_YWCA button_1916_V_36_37_66.jpg
Pinback button The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) first met in New York City in 1858. While based in Christianity, the YWCA was more focused on social issues, initially affordable housing for working women. It later was active in the…

Valentine_United Way lapel button_V_83_158_273.jpg
Metal lapel badge for the United Way

Valentine_Salvation Army Friends League button_V_65_188_46.jpg
Pinback button In 1885, Methodist minister William Booth established the Christian Mission Center in East London for the city’s poor and homeless.  Booth changed the name to The Salvation Army in 1878, using military terms to organize the evangelical…

Valentine_Chest Xray Pinback button_V_83_158_20_v1 rsz.jpg
"I've Had My Chest X-Ray" button with red double-bar cross that was the emblem of the National Tuberculosis Association anti-TB crusade.  People can be exposed to tuberculosis bacteria and become infected. Some who are infected go on to develop…

OneVirginia2021 pinback button crop rsz.jpg
Pinback button created by OneVirginia2021, an American civic non-profit organization founded to advocate for a non-partisan redistricting of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Formed in 2014, OneVirginia2021 is made up of people from across the political…

VCU M9 B233 Third Liberty loan pinback buttons rsz.jpg
Pinback button created by the Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newwark, N.J. Liberty loans (or Liberty Bonds) were war bonds sold in the United States in support of World War I. Subscribing to the bonds became a symbol of partriotic duty. There were four…
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