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VCU_M 306 Box2 f8 Pilgrimage of prayer for public schools 1959 rsz.jpg
Broadside advertising A Pilgrimage of Prayer for Public Schools, January 1, 1959 in Richmond, Va. At this event, organizers played a seven-minute pre-recorded message from Dr. King. A description of the event by Wyatt Tee Walker as reported to Dr.…

Valentine_Open Air Classroom 1916_I_Cook1657 rsz.jpg
In the early-20th century, Europe and the U.S. saw the rise of “open air” schools intended to create healthy environments to combat tuberculosis using the principles of sanatoria. Sometimes purpose-built, and sometimes converted spaces, open air…

Valentine_Students washing hands before lunch_I_V_56_177_03_CaryStSchool rsz.jpg
Students from the old Cary Street School (Madison School) in Richmond, Va., demonstrate handwashing before having lunch. Washing hands regularly with soap and water remains one of the most important steps in preventing the spread of many…

M 9 Box 103 Natl Kgarten Assoc pamphlet_overflow rsz.jpg
Pamphlet promoting state legislation to include kindergartens for children aged four to six years in public schools."LOOK FOR YOUR STATE IN THE FOLLLOWING LIST...If there IS legislative activity in your state, write to the National Kindergarten…

M 9 Box 103 Why should the kindergarten be a part of the public school system p1 rsz.jpg
Pamphlet promoting the benefits of adding Friedrich Froebel's Kindergarten curriculum to the public school system. "Reprinted by kind permission of Kate Baldwin Free Kindergarten Association, Savannah, Ga."[original article by Hortense May Orcutt]

M 9 Box 103 Natl Kgarten Assoc letter_1922 rsz.jpg
Letter from Bessie Locke, Corresponding Secretary of the National Kindergarten Association, addressed "FOR YOUR RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE" and refers to an upcoming local [state?] convention. "For the sake of the country's neglected little children, we…

M 9 Box 103 Begin at Beginning foldover rsz.jpg
Pamphlet advocating for compulsory kindergarten as a means to Americanization. Written by Philander Priestly Claxton, former United States Commissioner of Education, and David Starr Jordan, Chancellor Emeritus, Leland Stanford Junior University.
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