Woman Citizen, February 14, 1920. Special Convention Number


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Woman Citizen, February 14, 1920. Special Convention Number


"Handing on the Work" cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor

Advertisement for Rhoads clothing suitable for "The Woman of Today." "The Dress of the Hour on Exhibitition at the Convention Hall. A Marked Innovation -- The Dress of the Hour Representing the Spirit of the Times. The Woman of Today demands pratical--sane--frocks....For travel, for rest, for sports wear....For business for dress, for work."

Advertisement for Victrola and Victor Records as an aid to Americanization. Educational Department, Victor Talking Machine Co."

"'Americanization through music' A slogan of the hour. 
Music is an universal language that needs no interpreter. It is the one common ground and most natural approach to the foreigner in welding him to the spirit of true Americanism.
A great movement is now sweeping the country to make firm and lasting the process of the melting pot,--to bring securely into the fold of American citizenry our adopted brothers from other lands....Song, universal in its appeal, is a deep and moving force. The Community Singing idea of war days must be perpetuated. It is productive of immeasurable good in this wholesome movement of Americanization. Nothing is more unifying and democratic than the group singing of old familiar and patriotic songs. Sing them with stirring band accompaniment,--strong, correct, inspiring!"

Suggested song titles include "America," "Star Spangled Banner," "My Old Kentucky Home," "Battle Hymn of the Republic," "Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms," "Annie Laurie," and "Flow Gently Sweet Afton."


Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


1920 February 14


Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


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