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VCU_M 9 Box 49 Headquarters News Letter May 15 1916 cover rsz.jpg
Newsletter published by the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Editorial cartoon on cover by C. D. Batchelor is captioned, "IF YOU WOULD HAVE A FRIEND, BE ONE!" It shows a woman (suffrage) standing with her arms draped over a donkey (at…

Woman Citizen June 5 1920 rsz.jpg
Includes article, "New Women for Old." The article's three sections: "The Artist's Ideal" by C.D. Batchelor; "The Poet's Ideal" by Clinton Scollard; "Philosophically Speaking" by André Tridon.

Woman Citizen Nov 6 1920 Election News_Interest in Common C-D_Batchelor rsz.jpg
The Woman Citizen, November 6, 1920 was published following the first presidential election in which women could vote -- November 2, 1920."ELECTION NEWS -- Interest in Common"Cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor[Image Description: A man and woman…

Woman Citizen Feb 14 1920 cover2 rsz.jpg
"Handing on the Work" cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor Advertisement for Rhoads clothing suitable for "The Woman of Today." "The Dress of the Hour on Exhibitition at the Convention Hall. A Marked Innovation -- The Dress of the Hour Representing…

Woman Citizen Feb 23 1918.jpg
"For Justice And Mercy Women's Over Sea Hospital Unit Sails For France" Cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor Two-page spread "Women's Oversea Hospitals, U.S.A"Back cover advertisement for The Woman Citizen: "Suffragists are the Giants Among Women"

The Woman Citizen June 9 1917 They Shall Not Pass rsz.jpg
"They Shall Not Pass" cover cartoon by C. D. Batchelor "They Work Together: Why Not Vote Together" from photo spread pp. 28-29, entitled "Light Work for Ladies."

Woman Citizen January 5 1918 In the hands of her friends.jpg
[Image Description: The cover of Woman Citizen shows a drawing of a woman wearing a white neoclassical dress with the word "suffrage" written across her chest. On either side of here are men dressed in coattails stand on either side of her. The man…

Woman Citizen January_19_1918 Halt Who Goes There rsz.jpg
[Image Description: A soldier wearing a sash that reads "democracy" points a bayonet at the end of a rifle at a woman wrapped in a red hooded cloak.]Below the image is text that reads:"Halt Who Goes There?" "National Suffrage" "Pass, friend" Cover…
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