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VCU M 9 Box 239 f 242 ESL of VA parade float 1918 rsz.jpg
Equal Suffrage League of Virginia float depicting the Barge of State with Victory at the prow.This photograph was taken at the Thrift Day Parade held the afternoon of Saturday, March 23, 1918 in Richmond, VA. According to newspaper reports, over…

Woman Citizen April 17 1920 cover rsz.jpg
Article concerning the third publication in the Children's Bureau series on illegitimacy, "Illegitimacy as a Child Welfare Problem" (Bur. Pub. No. 66). Lists seven minimum standards for illegitimate children's welfare as adopted by the Children's…

Woman Citizen April 20 1918 cover rsz.jpg
Cover shows a ballot box with the caption "What Every Woman Voter Should Know."Cartoons by Charles H. "Doc" Winner. "Due for Another Puncture" p.409"WE can carry our share of the burden. Give US our share of the Government" p. 416Two-page spread…

Woman Citizen June 5 1920 rsz.jpg
Includes article, "New Women for Old." The article's three sections: "The Artist's Ideal" by C.D. Batchelor; "The Poet's Ideal" by Clinton Scollard; "Philosophically Speaking" by André Tridon.

Woman Citizen Oct 30 1920 cover rsz.jpg
Woman Citizen published just days before the first presidential election in which women could vote. Shown here: Campaign advertisement for the Democratic party ticket for the 1920 presidential election (James R. Cox and Franklin D. Roosevelt) "Let's…

Woman Citizen Nov 6 1920 Election News_Interest in Common C-D_Batchelor rsz.jpg
The Woman Citizen, November 6, 1920 was published following the first presidential election in which women could vote -- November 2, 1920. "ELECTION NEWS -- Interest in Common" Cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor

Woman Citizen Feb 14 1920 cover2 rsz.jpg
"Handing on the Work" cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor Advertisement for Rhoads clothing suitable for "The Woman of Today." "The Dress of the Hour on Exhibitition at the Convention Hall. A Marked Innovation -- The Dress of the Hour Representing…

Woman Citizen Oct 27 1917 rsz.jpg
"Women Bring All Voters Into the World. Let Women Vote"cover cartoon by James Montgomery FlaggAdvertisements for Jell-O, a suffrage radiator cap for your car, and for The Woman Citizen -- "For Women, By Women, Read By Women Who Think""Women are doing…

Woman Citizen Feb 23 1918.jpg
"For Justice And Mercy Women's Over Sea Hospital Unit Sails For France" Cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor Two-page spread "Women's Oversea Hospitals, U.S.A"Back cover advertisement for The Woman Citizen: "Suffragists are the Giants Among Women"

Woman Citizen Dec 20 1919 Help I cant keep it down.jpg
"Help! I Can't Keep it Down" cover cartoon by Charles H. Winner Article , "Noted Virginian for the F. S. A." reports on Colonel H. W. Anderson writing to the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia in support of ratification of the Federal Suffrage…

The Woman Citizen June 9 1917 They Shall Not Pass rsz.jpg
"They Shall Not Pass" cover cartoon by C. D. Batchelor "They Work Together: Why Not Vote Together" from photo spread pp. 28-29, entitled "Light Work for Ladies."

Woman Citizen January 5 1918 In the hands of her friends.jpg
"In the Hands of Her Friends" cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor Print on back cover is from an original painting by Evelyn Rumsey Cary. The text, which was well known to suffragists, was taken from Proverbs 31:31.“Give her of the fruit of her…

Woman Citizen January_19_1918 Halt Who Goes There rsz.jpg
"Halt Who Goes There?" "National Suffrage" "Pass, friend" Cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor
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