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Item M4 Box 1 folder 1 19th c USA Temperance Union pledge rsz.jpg U.S.A. Temperance Union Pledge
Item M 9 Box 51_ WCTU placard rsz.jpg Protect our American Youth by Prohibiting the Liquor Traffic
Item M4 Box 1 folder 1 19thc Grand Temperance Mass Meeting Illinois handbill rsz.jpg Dare to Do Right! Temperance mass meeting handbill
Item Baylor Univ Libraries_At the prohibition ball.jpg At the Prohibition Ball: novelty song
Item Simmons_ Massachusetts Soc for Suppressing Intemperance_001 rsz.jpg An Address Delivered Before the Massachusetts Society for Suppressing Intemperance
Item VCU_TML_Emswiller_Whiskey_prescription Nov 28 1924 alt rsz.jpg Whiskey prescription
Item M 9 Box 98 Citizenship Conference_Law vs Lawlessness_Cover rsz.jpg Citizenship Conference, Washington, D.C., October 13 - 15, 1923, promotional material
Item VCU_Cartoon Magazine v16 1919 p54 Bronstrup Jakes Place rsz.jpg July First. "Oh, where's the beer of yester year?" [editorial cartoon by J. F. Bronstrup]
Item VCU_Cartoons Magazine v16 n1 1919 Phifer cartoon p159 rsz.jpg When the country is bone dry. "Have another little nip, old pal!..." [editorial cartoon by L. C. Phifer]
Item HV 5235_V5A58_1900 Virginia Anti-Saloon League rsz.jpg What the Bottle Does. One Year's Work [Virginia Anti-Saloon League handbill]
Item VCU_Cartoon Magazine v16 1919 p 55 Prohibition William C Morris rsz.jpg Who is going to take care of it? [editorial cartoon by William C. Morris]
Item VCU_M 9 Box 34 Anti Saloon League State Convention 1922 program cover rsz.jpg Virginia Anti-Saloon League State Law-Enforcement Convention. February 1-2, 1922. Program and Invitation
Item Baylor Univ Libraries_Where do they go when they row row row.jpg Where Do They Go When They Row, Row, Row Three Miles Away From the Shore
Item M 9 Box 98 Citizenship Conference letter rsz.jpg Invitation to register for Citizenship Conference, Washington, D.C., October 13 - 15, 1923
Item Baylor Univ Libraries_Oh Doctor.jpg Oh Doctor
Item M9 B49 NAWSA Handbills and flyers_Liquor vs suffrage p1 crop.jpg Liquor Versus Suffrage [handbill]
Item M 9 Box 48 ESL weekly program Richmond p1 rsz.jpg Programme for the Weekly Meetings of the Equal Suffrage League of Richmond
Item M 86 Box 1 Sheppard Towner Bill p1 rsz.jpg The Sheppard-Towner Bill: For the Protection of Maternity and Infancy
Item Beth Ahabah Museum_Wallerstein colllection Suffrajests rsz.jpg Suffrajests [handbill]
Item HD 6250_U3A5 1920 An Amendment to the Constitution is Needed p1 rsz.jpg An Amendment to the Constitution is Needed to Give the United States Power to Safeguard the Child Life of the Nation