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M 86 Box 1 Eight Hour Day for Women042 rsz.jpg
The Eight-Hour Day for Women. Pamphlet by the National Women's Trade Union League petitioning for an eight-hour bill to be passed. "National Women's Trade Union League: The Eight-Hour Day. A Living Wage. To Guard the Home."

M 86 Box 1 Womens Work and War p1 rsz.jpg
Women's Work and War: A Bulletin of Facts Concerning the Employment of Women to Meet the Deficit of Man Power in Our National Industrial Emergency. Published by the National Women's Trade Union League. p.1 "The working women are eager to help win the…

M 9 Box 48 School of education for citizenship p1 rsz.jpg
This pamphlet written by Carrier Chapman Catt, Director of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, is advertising for a school of education for citizenship in Chicago. As described by Catt, "the aim of the school is to train women, already…
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