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M 86 Box 1 Industrial Evils p1 rsz.jpg
Title printed across interior pages, "A Resume of the Work of the Consumers' League of the City of New York from January 1, 1914 to October 1, 1914"A pamphlet detailing the work and investigatory and legislative impact of the Consumers' League of the…

M 86 Box 1 Eight Hour Day for Women042 rsz.jpg
The Eight-Hour Day for Women. Pamphlet by the National Women's Trade Union League petitioning for an eight-hour bill to be passed. "National Women's Trade Union League: The Eight-Hour Day. A Living Wage. To Guard the Home."

M 9 Box 98 Labor Laws in War Time_AALL Special Bulletin_p1 rsz.jpg
Publication discussing the importance of protections for the civilian labor force during wartime. Discusses efficiencey Includes concerns for safety, sanitation, hours, wages, child labor, woman's work, social insurance, labor market and…

M 9 Box 98 AALL Standard Recommendations for the Relief and Prevention of Unemployment rsz.jpg
Cover cartoon by Rollin Kirby, from The New York WorldBack page cartoon by Gordon Grant from Better Times.

M 86 Box 1 Do You Know Where Your Clothes Are Washed cover038 rsz.jpg
Do You Know Where Your Clothes Are Washed? A Bulletin on Laundry Conditions in New York City. Issued by The Consumers' League of the City of New York. This bulletin addresses the physical conditions, hours, and wages of laundries in New York…

M 86 Box 1 Committee on Women in Industry034 rsz.jpg
A report from the Committee on Women in Industry of the Advisory Commission of the Council of National Defense.  These standards include recommendations on tenement house work, child labor, protection of mothers, wages, hours, seats, extra heavy and…

The Woman Citizen June 9 1917 They Shall Not Pass rsz.jpg
"They Shall Not Pass" cover cartoon by C. D. Batchelor "They Work Together: Why Not Vote Together" from photo spread pp. 28-29, entitled "Light Work for Ladies."

HD 6250_U3A5 1920 An Amendment to the Constitution is Needed p1 rsz.jpg
Pamphlet advocating for the Child Labor Amendment, passed in 1924, but never ratified.Cover cartoon by Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper cartoonist John T. McCutcheon. Text from back of pamphlet: A federal minimum will give to American Children…

UB 363_A2 1918 What the Employers of America can do for the Disabled Soldiers and Sailors crop rsz.jpg
Issued by the Federal Board for Vocational Education, Washington, D.C.; Series: Monograph ; no. 3.; Vocational Rehabilitation Series ; no. 3"The great American Congress felt the pulse of the Nation. It has charged the Federal Board for Vocational…
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