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M 9 Box 48 War Aims cover rsz.jpg
"War Aims: War Messages to The American People" was written by Carrie Chapman Catt and provides a critical analysis of the United States' failure to give women the right to vote while other countries have far surpassed America in this regard. "Give…

M 9 Box 48 Southern States Jefferson Hotel program p1 rsz.jpg
This program is for the Southern States Woman Suffrage Conference Second Annual Convention, held at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA from December 11, 1915 to December 13, 1915.The back cover displays a poem entitled "The Suffragists' 'America,'"…

Woman Citizen June 5 1920 rsz.jpg
Includes article, "New Women for Old." The article's three sections: "The Artist's Ideal" by C.D. Batchelor; "The Poet's Ideal" by Clinton Scollard; "Philosophically Speaking" by André Tridon.

M 9 Box 51 To the Fighting Boys of Old Texas anti_suffrage p1 rsz.jpg
Satirical anti-suffrage song attributed to G. B. E., Selma, Alabama, May, 1919 Alternate title: "WHOOP 'EM UP, TEXANS!"

M 9 B 55 Womans Hour postcard rsz.jpg
WOMAN'S HOURNot for herself! Though Sweet the air of freedom;Not for herself! Though dear the newborn power;But for the Child who needs a nobler Mother,For the Whole People needing One another,Comes Woman to her Hour.Design by Corneille Clarke, Words…

M 9 B 55 Bread and Roses suffrage postcard rsz.jpg
Postcard with poem promoting Woman Suffrage. Text reads: Bread and Roses, by James OppenheimAs we come marching, marching, we bring the Greater Days --The rising of the Women means the rising of the race --No more the drudge and idler -- Ten that…
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