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VCU_M296 Box 2 Voter Registration students 1959 rsz.jpg
Photograph of students from Luther Judson Price High School of Atlanta, Ga., prepare to register to vote. Caption attached to photograph: "18 year old high school students of Atlanta, Georgia as they embark by bus to register in the 1959 Voter…

UMW_Student Reading Campus Newspaper Image572 rsz.jpg
Liz Vantrease, Class of 1970, reads a copy of the student newspaper, The Bullet, next to a cut out of a Vietnam War soldier who wears a peace sign and a flower.Newspaper headline reads "The Word is 'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.'" -- a reference to the…

UMW_Student Strike_1970_LIBRimage1574 rsz.jpg
Sue Cottingham, editor of the campus newspaper, The Bullet, is shown center left. She wears a "Strike" badge, protesting the Vietnam War expansion into Cambodia.
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