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M 9 B 55 Bread and Roses suffrage postcard rsz.jpg
Postcard with poem promoting Woman Suffrage. Text reads: Bread and Roses, by James OppenheimAs we come marching, marching, we bring the Greater Days --The rising of the Women means the rising of the race --No more the drudge and idler -- Ten that…

M 9 B 55 Womans Hour postcard rsz.jpg
WOMAN'S HOURNot for herself! Though Sweet the air of freedom;Not for herself! Though dear the newborn power;But for the Child who needs a nobler Mother,For the Whole People needing One another,Comes Woman to her Hour.Design by Corneille Clarke, Words…

M 9 Box 51 To the Fighting Boys of Old Texas anti_suffrage p1 rsz.jpg
Satirical anti-suffrage song attributed to G. B. E., Selma, Alabama, May, 1919 Alternate title: "WHOOP 'EM UP, TEXANS!"

Woman Citizen June 5 1920 rsz.jpg
Includes article, "New Women for Old." The article's three sections: "The Artist's Ideal" by C.D. Batchelor; "The Poet's Ideal" by Clinton Scollard; "Philosophically Speaking" by André Tridon.
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