The Candle. Vol. I, No. V, December 1957


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The Candle. Vol. I, No. V, December 1957


Newsletter published by the Virginia State Conference-NAACP. The Candle's header shows two lighted candles and the motto, "It is Better to Light One Candle Than to Curse the Darkness."

This issue includes reporting on the Virginia Political Action convention. Photographs of particiapnts in the Visual Aid Educational Political Action program show young people in costume and with props illustrating  the importance of voting.


Cover photograph captioned "The Three Presidents. 22 Years of Progressive Leadership. Dr. J. M. Tinsley of Richmond, president emeritus of the Virginia State Conference, congratulates Dr. Philip Y. Wyatt of Fredericksburg the newly elected Conference president as Dr. E. B. Henderson of Falls Church, retiring president looks on. Dr. Tinsley retired in 1955 after servicing as Conference president for 20 years. Dr. Henderson, after serving as president for two years could not stand for re-election because of a constitutional provision (adoped in 1955) prohibiting a third term."

p.2 In our PAC work we have to keep going over the same points. In Virginia 26% of the adult population is colored, but we do not have a single Negro among the 100 Delegates in the General Assembly, nor among the 40 Senators. If we could get the majority of Negroes to vote our fight against segregation and discrimination would make real headway. 

There are three steps in getting Negroes to "count"; payment of poll taxes before the deadline, registration, and voting. Why don't more colored people vote? Some don't think it matters, some lack the education, some are fearful, and some just don't make the effort. We must keep hammering to get the deadlines met, to get older people who have never voted to overcome their shyness, to get citizens to study up on issues and candidates. We must inspire our teachers, ministers, and civic leaders to be voting citizens themselves and to preach the importance of using the ballot to win freedom.


M 296 Box 2, John Mitchell Brooks collection of NAACP files, 1957-1960, 1978 James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


1957 December


Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries



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