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U Minnesota_SWHA_Conventions Which Protect swhp0084_ rsz.jpg
This poster was part of "Youth and Life" a 48-poster series published by the American Social Hygiene Association. The series was designed to educate teenage girls and young women about the dangers of sexual promiscuity and urged them to embrace…

U Minnesota_SWHA_Neighborhood House NFSLouisvilleKYEnglishClass rsz.jpg
An English class for immigrants held at Neighborhood House, Louisville, KY.  Handwritten caption at lower right reads, "Recent arrivals come for Instruction in English."

U Minnesota_SWHA_Chores of Modern Health Crusaders Nat Rec Assn B3 F PRAA BOD May 1924 rsz.jpg
Poster depicting the eleven Chores of Modern Health Crusaders. These eleven health chores set out the essentials of tuberculosis prevention and general hygiene. They were part of a public health campaign devised by Charles De Forest of the National…
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