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VCU_TML_Influenza placard 1919.jpg
Public health information graphic furnished by The Virginia State Board of Health. "PLEASE POST: Council of National Defense, C.R. Keiley, Federal Field Secretary"

M333 Box 1 Please I dont want to leave them VA Planned Parenthood.jpg
Pamphlet describing the work of the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood. Cover art by Corporal Percy Lee. This Mother is Dying Because She Wasn't Well Enough to Have Her Last Baby Perhaps she was already exhausted from too frequent or coplicated…

UH 630_S65_1914 Soldier Attention front cover crop rsz.jpg
World War I pamphlet warning soldiers of the effect of sexually transmitted diseases. From the William E. Blake Collection.

HV 5235_V5A58_1900 Virginia Anti-Saloon League rsz.jpg
Handbill showing a bottle of alcohol. The bottle's label depicts a boy in short pants with a snake coiled around his body, The label reads "Fluid Extract of Hell. GUARANTEED TO KILL BOYS." Written on the bottle itself are statistics attributed to the…

M9 Box 230 Adele Clark_Errand Boys Child labor street permit crop rsz2.jpg
Child labor street permit. This pinback button for an errand boy was issued in 1929. Variant state seal with armored Virtus and mountains in the distance.

M 9 B 55 Bread and Roses suffrage postcard rsz.jpg
Postcard with poem promoting Woman Suffrage. Text reads: Bread and Roses, by James OppenheimAs we come marching, marching, we bring the Greater Days --The rising of the Women means the rising of the race --No more the drudge and idler -- Ten that…

M 9 B 55 Linked together by the Law rsz.jpg
Oversized postcard illustrated by May Wilson Preston, 1911 (signed). Political cartoon captioned, "LINKED TOGETHER BY THE LAW" shows a convict, a woman, a child, and an intellectually disabled man standing in a row, shackled together. The balls at…
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